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University of Auckland Master of International Business

Hinrich Foundation scholarship

This scholarship enables international students with work experience to study in New Zealand, a country that is proactive in regional trade agreement formulation. Students can select advanced specializations in international business, including international trade and finance, and competing in Asia.

Special announcement

Hinrich Foundation is please that scholarship has been awarded to Ana Maria Puerta Sanchez for the University of Auckland (UoA) Master of International Business program (MIntBus). Read our special announcement here.

Hinrich Foundation Auckland Mib Scholarship

About the scholarship


Open to international (non-New Zealand citizens) applicants enrolled in or applying to the program and who:

  • Have demonstrated an interest in working in Asia upon graduation
  • Have displayed a strong interest in working in global trade
  • Are able to justify their financial situation

Three scholarships of NZ$30,000 each


University of Auckland, New Zealand


Classes begin in September 2021


Scholarship graduates will be encouraged to engage with the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association (HFAA) for mentorship, networking and possible career opportunities.

Students need to apply directly to the UoA MintBus Scholarship Committee. Learn more about the scholarship here and the University and program admission process here.