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Advancing sustainable global trade

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Is trade really toxic? How imports support American jobs
By Georgetown University Lab for Globalization and Shared Prosperity

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Understanding global trade

Original research, strategic insights and quick analysis that offer a better understanding of key global trade trends and issues.

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Trade education tools

To help you develop leadership in trade, use the Hinrich Foundation Guide to Master's in International Business and Trade, explore our scholarships, view career options and use our free trade research for your studies.

Guide to Master's Programs

Selecting Master's Programs in International Business and Trade

The Hinrich Foundation Guide to Master’s in International Business and Trade will assist you to identify quality programs to achieve your education and trade career objectives. It highlights essential trade criteria, exemplar programs, key questions to ask, plus career options and trade resources.

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Resources, support, and recognition for journalists

Objective analysis of trade trends and issues, short-courses, Masters in International Journalism Studies (MAIJS) scholarships and an award for distinguished reporting on trade.

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Media come to us for fresh thinking and deep analysis into the issues impacting global trade outcomes. Read our recent experts’ commentaries. Drawn from a wide range of disciplines and sectors, our experts offer valuable views and opinions on achieving sustainable global trade.