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Advancing sustainable global trade

The Hinrich Foundation is a unique Asia-based philanthropic organization that works to advance mutually beneficial and sustainable global trade through research and educational programs.

About the foundation

Understanding global trade

Original research, strategic insights and quick analysis that offer a better understanding of key global trade trends and issues.

Trade and technology

Techno-nationalism and diplomacy

The rise of techno-nationalist approaches has precipitated a US-China race to promote ideological values through the reshaping of institutions and standards. Governments are pursuing strategic alliances and partnerships to advance their strategic interests, values and politics. This will lead to the creation of new institutions and rule frameworks, or produce outcomes that will profoundly influence the institutions that govern global trade.

Education programs

Master’s degree scholarships and short courses for trade business professionals, media and policymakers that provide the practical knowledge and tools to advance sustainable global trade.


RMIT University Master of Global Trade

We are offering 25 scholarships to professionals working across global value chains for the October Master of Global Trade.This unique program equips graduates with the exceptional strategic and 21st century management skills required to drive sustainable trade growth.Find out how to secure your Global Trade Leader scholarship or become an Employer Partner to advance your talent development.

Resources, support, and recognition for journalists

Objective analysis of trade trends and issues, short-courses, Masters in International Journalism Studies (MAIJS) scholarships and an award for distinguished reporting on trade.

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Our experts are trusted by news organizations across the globe

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In the news

Media come to us for fresh thinking and deep analysis into the issues impacting global trade outcomes. Read our recent experts’ commentaries. Drawn from a wide range of disciplines and sectors, our experts offer valuable views and opinions on achieving sustainable global trade.