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Export Manager Advanced Training Program

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) continue to play an essential role in the growth and dynamism of industrialized and emerging nations. Technology and increased market integration has made it easier for SMEs to access foreign markets, allowing Asian SMEs to actively explore new business opportunities in the region and around the world.

Export Manager Advanced Training Program is a practical, intensive course developed by Leipzig University, Vietnamese-German University and the Hinrich Foundation to support and enable Asian SMEs to enter the global market and strengthen their competitive advantage.

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The Export Manager Advanced Training Program is a short course designed to provide SME exporters practical skills to grow their international trade. Key benefits for participants of this short course include:

Practical results-focused insight Practical topics taught by expert business teachers, mobile learning modules, 1-on-1 business coaching and consulting to help address your pressing business challenges and turn them to profitable opportunities.
World-class instruction Faculty are international experts with rich global expertise in helping SMEs in emerging markets take their businesses to the next level and grow their exports.
Maximize your resources The program is comprehensive and divided into sections. Class size is limited to 30 students – allowing for personal attention and business coaching, plus powerful sharing and networking opportunities.
Recognized training Participants will obtain a certificate conferred by Leipzig University and earn 5 academic credits that can be applied to the VGU – Leipzig University MBA program.​
Scholarship available Hinrich Foundation offers scholarships to qualified applicants

The Export Manager Advanced Training Program is designed for senior managers with export experience who are looking to further internationalize their businesses.​

The previous cohorts brought together SME business owners, sales and marketing managers, and business development professionals across different industries such as finished consumer goods, industrial suppliers, equipment, apparel, footwear and logistics providers. ​

Most of the participants are involved in business development, marketing and export planning and strategy.​

English proficiency is required.​

The Export Manager Advanced Training program is taught by international professors and lecturers with rich global expertise in SME internationalization. Theoretical insights and practical experience are delivered through in-class lectures, online modules and 1-on-1 business coaching and consultation to help students address their business challenges and identify opportunities for growth.

Utz Dornberger-Director

Utz Dornberger
Director, International SEPT Program, Leipzig University

Gunnar Kassberg
International SEPT Program, Leipzig University

Alexander Heyn
Chief Executive Officer, Bayer s.r.o

Phillip Friebel

Phillip Friebel
Head Business Analytics, Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW

Wojciech Roskiewicz-Head

Wojciech Roskiewicz
Head of Unit, Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW

Balthasar Kinkel - Project manager

Balthasar Kinkel
Project manager, Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW

The Hinrich Foundation and its Export Manager partner organizations offer scholarships for applicants who are passionate about trade and are looking to develop their knowledge and skills. Qualified applicants of this short course receive scholarships to cover the registration fee for in-class lectures, online learning modules, one-on-one business coaching and course materials.​

Interested participants may check the upcoming short courses to see the applicable course fee.

Vietnam’s manufacturers are seeing a surge in interest from regional and overseas buyers. Exports are growing as sourcing shifts from China to Vietnam. Vietnamese SMEs are also actively exploring new export markets regionally and around the world. This new opportunity will also increase competition.

The Export Manager Advanced Training Program aims to help executives, managers, and practitioners gain crucial knowledge in the field of export and import, and to take home applicable skills to internationalize and grow their businesses.

Curriculum and schedule

Classes were held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, followed by individual coaching at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology campus.

Session 1 – International Markets and Value Proposition (November 25-27)

  • SME internationalization
  • Global value chains
  • Market research
  • Value proposition

Session 2 – Market Entry Strategies (December 2-5)

  • International channels of distribution
  • International branding
  • Partners and resources on international markets
  • Cost management
Online courses
Part of the Hanoi session curriculum are 3 online courses developed by the International Trade Center’s SME Trade Academy:​
  1. Export Sales & Negotiation
  2. Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  3. Introduction to Cross-border Contracts

Participants who successfully completed the 3 courses receive Certificates of Achievement from the ITC SME Trade Academy. 

Looking to grow your business overseas? Make sure to register your interest here! and we’ll be in touch with information on the upcoming Export Manager short course.

For further information and other inquiries contact:

Tara Phan
Program Coordinator
Email: [email protected]

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Tara Phan
Program Coordinator
Email: [email protected]

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