FAQs - Trade scholarships

I. General questions

1. What is Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship program?
2. Where do I find the list of Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarships?
3. What is included in the scholarship?
4. How do I apply for a Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship?
5. Can I bring my spouse (or any dependent) with me during my study time? Will Hinrich Foundation give any support for my dependent?
6. If I receive a scholarship, how is the money awarded?
7. I have missed the deadline for scholarship this year, what should I do?

II. Application-related questions

8. What is the minimum English proficiency requirements for the scholarship (if required)?
9. Do I need to re-take English-standardized tests (IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT/GRE) if my test score has expired?
10. I have a master’s degree. Should I include both my undergraduate and graduate transcripts in my application?
11. My GPA is just average – am I eligible to apply for the scholarship?
12. Can I apply if my bachelor degree is not relevant to the offered scholarship program?
13. If I was born in one of scholarship listed countries, but currently hold another citizenship, will I still be eligible to apply?
14. Do I need to complete Hinrich Foundation online application page as well as application for university admission?
15. What is a letter of reference?
16. Where will the interview take place?

III. Work-related questions

17. Is work experience a must to apply for Hinrich scholarships?
18. What are the opportunities/ requirements upon graduation?
19. What kind of role will scholar graduates be offered after graduation? Where the scholar will work at and how much is the pay?
20. What happens should I refuse the employment offer?
21. Other Q&As
21. Sample